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Dr. Elizabeth Price

Marguerite Wills


I have known Jim for many years, and since he is a very trustworthy person, I felt comfortable allowing him to help me through hypnotherapy.  I had a recent surgery and was still experiencing an extreme pain in the surgery area which would not respond to medication. After just one hypnotherapy session over the phone, I was pain free and have continued to be pain free for months. I also experienced a great peace and calm which remained for days after the session. Working with Jim was a very positive and encouraging experience and I recommend using Jim's services, as he is a very sensitive and caring person of excellence.


James Lawrence

It’s easy to forget how much I need massage therapy until I have it done. I do a lot of damage to my body at work. Lifting 5-8k lbs of building materials a day takes a toll. Jim is incredibly knowledgeable about the mechanics, physiology, and neurology of the human body. He keeps my joints, muscles, and ligaments from becoming a crumbled up tight mess, despite my best efforts.

I would highly recommend seeing him! His procedures protecting his clients from the risk of COVID-19 are phenomenal and exceed state requirements.

Brinn Lawrence

Jim was committed to my comfort from start to finish; emotional and physical. He asked questions and also answered my own questions thoroughly. He always works out my pain areas with intention  and patience. Thank you Jim!

Angela Buckwalter LT


I’ve seen Jim a few different times in the past year for physical pain that also had an emotional trauma component. Each time, I’ve left our sessions feeling like I had been given a gift of healing and relief on a deep level. I would not be where I am in my healing journey without Jim’s empathic and extremely knowledgeable skills. He is a true healer, who cares deeply about his patients and their healing. I cannot recommend his services enough. If you are experiencing pain, Jim has the skills, abilities, knowledge and heart to help you in your healing journey. He will not only help you find relief, but a deeper understanding of the roots of the pain and a deeper understanding of how you can maintain this healing and relief. I’ve never met someone with a bigger heart, or a deeper calling as a healer.

Erica Bruyako LMT


Jim has a unique approach to find the link between psychological trauma and where or how it manifests physically in the muscle tissue. I have personally experienced amazing results with his techniques. Having little to no experience in hypnotherapy I didn't know what to expect, But with Jim's guidance I have made monumental improvements in both my mental and physical state. Dealing with trauma and healing from it can be a very complicated process and the road to healing is not linear. Jim's custom approach to your specific trauma is individualized and very successful in my opinion.

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