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I first became involved in massage and other healing modalities back in the 70's at The Great Oaks School Of Health in Creswell Oregon. I later met Katherine, my best friend and wife of 43 years, and we now reside in Washougal WA. Raising a family prompted my career change to the computer industry for over 30 years. A re-found interest in neuroscience prompted my return to massage and to the healing arts that I enjoy. I've since added some complementary brain health tools with the aim of assisting a person's return to wholeness. "Wholeness", as I use the term, refers to that ideal natural born state which we can move towards as our outdated physical and emotional defenses to difficult periods of life are dissolved. While some might still be appropriate, it's amazing how many limitations we carry that no longer serve any useful purpose! 




Long long ago ...

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